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Very good quality t-shirts and extreme fast delivery! I've bought my first ones in Kardamyli (Peloponnese), two years ago, and colours and quality are still there. Very good value for money.


N e t h e r l a n d s

The shirts are of very high quality, extremely comfortable to wear. Fast and reliable shipping and service. Gladly again.

Martin Schmutz

S c h w e i z - B i e m b a c h

What a beautiful shirts, good quality and comfortable. And what a great service from Kostas! Thanks a lot!

Petra van Gool

N e t h e r l a n d s - U t r e c h t

Tolle T-Shirts, tragen sich angenehm, schöne Designs und schnelle Lieferung. Gerne wieder!


G e r m a n y - Q u o h r e n

See also my earlier review. As for the shipment, even in Covid-19 times I got mine in less than one week. Great service!

Karel Fabre

B e l g i u m - B r u s s e l s

I'm a fan. Some 10 years ago I bought my first T-Shirts in Greece and I still wear them. Great quality and super designed. I love the ones with a political/human message. It happens often that people in the street give me compliments with my T-Shirt. Thanks Kostas!

Karel Fabre

B e l g i u m - B r u s s e l s

The Replica T-shirts are just great! I received my fourth t-shirt a couple of weeks ago. I wear them at work under, together with a suit jacket, and for leisure. Come summer!

Trond Lie

S t a v a n g e r / N o r w a y

I bought two t-shirts as a birthday present for my boyfriend, who thinks Replica t-shirts are the most comfortable ones ever. He had already out used the previous one, he bought from Kalymnos years ago, into holes and I made him through it away. For the delivery, it took a long time in this covid-19 situation to get the t-shirts all the way to Lapland, but finally they arrived and I'm super happy for Kostas help with the delivery!


F i n l a n d

Nice T Shirts, good quality, fast shipping, schöne Shirts, gute Qualität, schneller Versand!


G e i s e n h e i m - G e r m a n y

Tolle Shirts, Motive und Qualität gefallen mir gut!


G e r m a n y

Super Ideen, sehr gute Qualität. Immer doch weiter zuempfehlen!


C r a i l s h e i m / D e u t s c h l a n d

Il sont Super tes tshirt Kostas! Trés bonne qualité, trés agréable a porter. Mon préféré c'est le Fence mais il n'y a pas ma taille malheureusement. J'attend avec patience un réassort. La poésie du Violin me plait beaucoup aussi. Your t-shirts are Super Kostas! Very good quality, very comfortable to wear. My favorite is the "Fence" but unfortunately it is not my size. I wait patiently for a restocking. I also like the poetry of the Violin a lot.



I bought a Replica t-shirt a few years ago in a small shop in Kos (Greece). Fascinated by the design and satisfied about the quality, I ordered some at the webshop recently. A great service and quick delivery. Thanks!


B e l g i u m

Hi everyone, I first bought a Tshirt from Replica during a trip in Greece in 2013, after a friend of mine show me the one he had. They represent exactly the nonsense of human beings indifferent situations, with poetry !!! I am so glad to find them online to spread the militant message around me.

Clement T

C a n a d a - F r a n c e

I found your tshirts last summer in Naxos island and bought a few. I am happy now to find them also online. Super quality!


D a r m s t a d t - G e r m a n y

Started my Replica collection back on 2010 and sill going! Great quality and perfect support by the site team. By the way I love the new online chat! Keep up the good work guys!


I t a l y

Beautiful colors and themes. Fast shipping and great support. Can't find a retail store in NY


N Y - U S A

Great quality and fast shipping. That was my fist purchase but i will definitely return!


L o n d o n - U K

My husband loves Replica tshirts. We had some in Koufonisia and Amorgos islands (Greece) in 2018 and I thought it would be a nice present for him if I get him a few more. And I was right!


N e d e r l a n d s

Love those T-shirts guys. Excellent!